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Grid taking toll on cars

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Grid taking toll on cars

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FOR two months, residents of Lot 1, Warrens Terrace, St Thomas, have had to manoeuvre to avoid going into an open culvert which deteriorated over time as a result of “poorly installed” work.
Arnold Alleyne, the owner of the home and apartment complex directly opposite the open culvert, had to install a diversion with caution tape to warn other residents and visitors to manoeuvre to avoid any damage to their cars.
Alleyne explained that the grid was “poorly constructed with a three-inch rebate on one side and a one-inch rebate on the other”.
As a result of this, the grid placed over the culvert sank to the right side from the weight of the cars, which caused the left side to lift and, Alleyne explained, “damaged quite a few cars”.
“We called MTW [Ministry of Transport and Works], a person came, straightened the part of the grid which had lifted and damaged the cars and put it back in.”
Alleyne believes that “a job like this requires a mason, a day’s work and a replacement grid”.
Another resident, Desmond Crichlow, said that the issue surrounded the fact that people had been called and they didn’t respond or return to the area.
He said: “This grid was here for about ten years and although it was fixed at some point, the other side of the grid will soon deteriorate like the one now.”
The culvert, which is approximately three feet deep, ten feet long and about 16 inches wide, carries rainwater to a nearby well. (DG)