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Wondering if my lover might be gay

luigimarshall, [email protected]

Wondering if my lover might be gay

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Dear Christine,
For the past four years I have been intimate with my boyfriend.
I have always found him to be very helpful with things such as fixing up a house and even in choosing the right clothes to wear.
He could match any woman for making a house look great. I do not have to worry about a thing when he comes by me.
He also has a lot of friends.
Among them there is a guy who is a homosexual, and one of my friends told me I should watch out for my boyfriend and this “guy” because they are always together.
Christine, we have talked about marriage on more than one occasion, but I am not certain I really want to marry him, as it looks very much as if there could be something in what my friend says.
After all, there are not many men who are as particular about decorating a house as my boyfriend is.
What do you think?
– M.
Dear M,
I do not think you can judge your boyfriend by what one person has told you, or by the way he takes care of a home.
I think it would be wonderful if more men would lend a hand in fixing up a house.
Perhaps many of them would hesitate because of the unkind interpretation which may be given to their actions.
If after four years with this man, you are still not sure who or what he is, then you’ll never know.
On the other hand, if you wish to get out of your system this idea of him being more than a friend to this guy who is an alleged homosexual, have a good talk with him.
After all, you have discussed marriage before. Now is the time to be open about your concerns and not after you say “I do.”
Bear in mind, too, that homosexuals have friends who are “straight” – both males and females.