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6 million following Ri-Ri

Luigi Marshall

6 million following Ri-Ri

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Rihanna yesterday surpassed the 6 million followers mark on Twitter, an accomplishment for which she thanked her many fans. A Twitter user since October 2 2009, Ri-Ri quickly climbed up the ranks and became the 13th most followed tweeter according to Twitaholic, a website which scans Twitter to determine the most popular users. Rihanna’s tweets include everything from how much she loves shopping in New York to excitement about the after party her brother will be throwing for her. At the time this story was written, Rihanna’s Twitter followers count stood at 6 011 197 and was rising. However, the amount of people following Rihanna on Twitter pales when compared to the amount of fans she has on Facebook.
Rihanna’s official Facebook page had 39 961 336 users who followed her by clicking the “Like” button. Facebook rankings showed that she had the 6th most popular Facebook page in the world. Hundreds of thousands of people have also “liked” unofficial Facebook pages dedicated to the songstress.
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