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Eviction on the horizon

rhondathompson, [email protected]

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IF IT SEEMS that the occupants of a palatial house on a certain street are walking around with long faces and are snapping at everyone over the slightest comment they think is directed against them, it’s because they have received bad news.
Cou Cou has learnt that the householders have been informed by a family member that they will be evicted when their lease comes to an end in 18 months.
And what’s worse, it seems they can do little to change the owners’ minds as many are disturbed by the way the house has been maintained for the last three years.
From what we have learnt, the relative was paid a handsome sum to snoop around and find out what the owners of the property really feel about the tenants. The money was paid by a close relative of the householders who may be seriously disadvantaged if his kin are forced to move out.
This close relative fears that in the same way the owners became fed-up with the last tenants and dumped them, his family could be unceremoniously booted out for the same reason.
What the relative is worried about too is that most of the owners were persuaded to dump the last tenants because they were convinced the head of the family would improve the property if he was given an opportunity. But he had to leave prematurely and those who have taken over from him have not been able to convince the owners that they can upkeep the place in the way it needs to be.
We have learnt though that the most vocal of the tenants declared he is not worried with what the owners say. He intends to do work on the property shortly and keep it going for more than a year if necessary so that the majority of owners will be happy again.
Cou Cou is anxiously waiting to see just what this individual will be doing. We understand we won’t have to wait much longer. Stay tuned for more!
Report holds the future
A certain person has been weighed in the balance and found wanting.
These are the findings of a particular report in the hands of the individual, who is only awaiting word on what the future holds.
Information reaching Cou Cou is that support for this former poster person has waned considerably, so much so that whenever that all-important bell rings, this individual will have a great fight to ensure it’s not a case of flattering to deceive this first time out, like a relative did.
From what we were told, these days this person turns up primarily when there are photo opportunities, but is hardly seen traversing this divided neighbourhood. The other side of the district is controlled by an individual who only does something for something.
It’s now left to be seen how this individual, who is easy on the eyes, intends to respond to the information in the report to survive.
Policy sparks heated row
AN EMAIL making the rounds is asking, “Who he think he is?” It is not talking about Gabby or some other calypsonian, but a certain Government minister who held a meeting with members of two professional associations recently.
From what was reported, the atmosphere was tense. The minister was adamant that the policy instituted will not be reversed. Things became heated between the minister and a member of one of the teams, amidst complaints that businesses were suffering because of the policy.
Things got so bad that the individual and the minister were involved in a loud, heated exchange.
Now it seems a real battle is on and the public is sure to be bombarded by messages from these groups about this policy which already has most people unhappy.