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It makes ya wonder

rhondathompson, [email protected]

It makes ya wonder

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SOMETIMES when ya see and hear things happening ’bout here ya does have tuh wonder if people think dat evahbody all of a sudden foolish or some kinda stupid, just because dem holding down a political position.
Now take, fuh example, this REDJet situation. Duh got some very interesting things happening dat causing me tuh wonder what really going on wid Trinidad and Jamaica, and what is causing the two o’ dem tuh hold out pon getting on board wid the rest o’ the Caribbean. It like it is a pattern wid dem, like um is the Federation all ovah again.
Now you mean tuh tell me dat even after the Prime Minister meet wid dem, duh still cahn decide tuh sign?
So you mean tuh tell me dat Barbados ain’t tuh got nutten dat we could call we own? Look at the amount o’ companies’ dat dem either got ’bout here or got duh hand in ’bout here, and we doan say nutten.
But look wha’ could happen, though? Trinidad and Jamaica ain’t want tuh sign the documents, but the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Kamla Persad-Bissessar boldfacedly introducing an inter-island ferry service. So ya see wha’ I mean?
Um is only Trinidad dat got big brain, hear? Dem must always be the producers and we li’l Barbados must remain the consumers all the time.
Jamaica is another one.
We does prop dem up by buying up all o’ dem products, including a mob-o-ton o’ sweet drinks dat does be breaking down we supermarket shelves, and nuhbody doan complain or boycott dem.
So wait, how ’bout when Bwee and Air Jamaica did flying high? Nuhbody nevah evah question dem. We did glad enough dat we had Caribbean airlines, and we use dem all the time, even when duh come two and three hours late, like in the case o’ Bwee – remember we used to ask, But Will It Arrive?
Doan talk ’bout Air Jamaica at all; nuhbody never question whether it was a Jamaican-owned airline or not. Nor duh ever raise the question ’bout the man Butch Stewart and where he woulda get dat kinda money from tuh own and run a whole airline service. Somebody tell me dat he used tuh run an electronics store in Jamaica before getting into anything so.
But all of a sudden dem want tuh come now and have an inquisition – I think dat is what duh does call it – as tuh whether respectable Bajans like Sir Charles Williams, his brother Bizzy and company are legitimate owners.
Wha’ Sir Charles alone could own half o’ dem; dem ain’t know dah? Power does make ya too stupid, though!
Now look at this. I wonder why it was necessary for Mr Lashley, the smallest minister tuh take about 15 minutes pon the CBC Evening News in a telephone call from Paris tuh talk ’bout the Bridgetown Heritage and Garrison. Wha the man was getting on and talking like it was he idea. Dat was a collective effort by a lot o’ Bajans, black and white, including Dame Billie Miller. Wha he only come in at the end . . . duh!
Look, I know I ain’t foolish right? But I does have tuh wonder why the National Cultural Foundation cahn find nuhbody else nor nuh other organization tuh open the Crop Over season when the year come. I wonder when duh gine give the Spiritual Baptist a break from doing the Opening Gala And Ceremonial Delivery Of The Last Canes.  Maybe if duh change dat whole opening gala fuh a couple o’ years, I think the Crop Over season might take on a different tone.
There is something else dat does get me too. I wonder why after I take the advice o’ the people at the electric company who tell me tuh pull out the plugs when I ain’t using things like the radio and stereo, the television and DVD, the microwave, toaster oven and whatever else I have in the house. Then I went ahead, clean out and unplug my chest freezer, in order tuh save money pon my electric bill.
Now, why after doing all o’ dat, how come my electric bill, far from getting smaller, ain’t gone nuhwhere and it like it even now more than before?
And how come the fuel charge is almost as high as what duh charging me fuh using electricity?! Worme, boy, you got a lot o’ explaining tuh do, but I gine tell wunna somet’ing: it cahn go on so all the time; we ain’t just wukking tuh pay nuh electric bill alone, guh starving and line the Canadian millionaire pockets.
• Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.