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WHA REALLY GINE ON HEY? – Who is the father?

Carol-Ann Tudor

WHA REALLY GINE ON HEY? – Who is the father?

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PING!! Donna had two boyfriends. One day in an effort to please both men she had sex with all two of them, one in the morning and one during the night. A few weeks later she missed her period. A pregnancy test showed she was, in fact, pregnant. Not knowing what to do and realizing that either of her boyfriends could be the father, she aborted the baby. Wa Gine On Hey??? What would you have done if you were caught in this situation?
Cee-Cee – Donna ain’t serious!!!!! Promiscuity and unprotected sex is a sure recipe for a disaster of epic proportions. It’s not about if she did the right thing, but maybe it was the best choice based on her circumstances and lifestyle. Finding a father for the child might not be the major issue. I somehow feel that Donna has self-esteem or some serious issues, but it’s hard for me to say what I would’ve done ’cause promiscuity and unprotected sex just ain’t in my vocab – neither is abortion because of sheer wutlessness!!!!
Wa Gine On Hey – Let’s be real. Promiscuity and unprotected sex are indeed a recipe for diseases of all kinds but I don’t see how having two men means that Donna “has self-esteem or some serious issues”. Thousands of women do it every day.
Ms Greenidge – It’s easy to judge in these situations, but things like this could happen to anyone given the right circumstances, and when they happen you have to do what’s best for everyone, especially an innocent child. Abortion has serious implications but so too does raising a child under difficult circumstances such as having two dads.
Wa Gine On Hey – Society on the whole is too judgemental. The majority of people who throw stones often have these same issues hidden in their closet. Donna, however, should have used protection with at least one, if not all two, of those men.
Ms Inniss – I would have had to do the same thing and pray that God forgives me. The thought of having to be embarrassed by the request for a paternity test or having both men leave me for not being honest would do me more harm.
Wa Gine On Hey – I wouldn’t want to be caught in a situation like hers but Donna made a choice that was best suited under those circumstances, and as an adult she has the choice to do so. Why carry the stress of wondering who the father is???
Pamela – I would have the baby and after the birth I would ask both men to take a test to determine which boyfriend is the real father.
Wa Gine On Hey – You are either very bold or very stupid. I could never see myself asking two men to take a DNA test – Ohhhh the shame!!!
Natti To The World – I’m sorry to say, but I would be a real terrorist and abort. I would keep my mouth shut: since either one of them could be the father I would tell neither. If I was sleeping with two men it is probably because I was not ready for a commitment with either – so why bring a child into my madness?
Wa Gine On Hey – I like you a lot. Very straightforward and truthful to yourself, and I’m glad you wouldn’t bring a child under those circumstances either.
Lady Joy – It seems that Donna is a dishonest person. She should be glad she only ended up with an unwanted pregnancy. She should have used protection and stopped toying with other people’s emotions. I would never be caught in that.
Wa Gine On Hey – I’m happy that you won’t be caught in situations like that, but I’m not going to judge Donna at all. If she felt the need to have two men, she surely must know why. Maybe one is for sex and the other is for finance/sex.
Janelle – I really don’t know what I would do. Still, if it was me I would have kept the baby and informed the guys that I am pregnant and let the situation play out.
Wa Gine On Hey – Kudos to you for having a big heart girlie, but letting that situation “play out” may not end too good.
Oily Cathy – I would never have aborted my innocent baby. I would have brought my child and gotten a DNA test. What Donna should have done is use condoms with her outside man so that in a case like that she would be sure. I am not going to say anything to bring her down ’cause both men and women do make mistakes. I don’t know why she was having both partners. My advice to Donna is to be careful the next time. Aborting the baby will always be on her mind.
Wa Gine On Hey – “Outside man” or “inside man” – condoms it should be. But we all can admit that at some point in time we are apt to take risks, but, for me, never with two different men. That’s a no-no for me.
Miss Forde – This is a hard one. However, in a situation like this there is always one person you like more than the other. Therefore, I would tell the one I love more that the child is theirs. My second alternative would be to have an abortion.
Wa Gine On Hey – It makes no sense lying to a man if you are unsure, babes. Telling a man a child is his when you are not sure is downright devious, and at the end of the day you will be the chief person who will end up feeling like a fool.
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