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Oh rats!

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Oh rats!

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RATS HAVE reportedly invaded the corridors and wards of the Geriatric Hospital and the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) is hopping mad about the situation.
Reporting the nighttime spotting of “several rats” by workers, NUPW deputy general secretary Roslyn Smith said the development at the Beckles Road, St Michael health care institution was untenable and that she wanted the public health inspectorate to pursue the matter vigorously.
“Health care can’t be compromised,” she said. “A hospital should be squeaky clean. Rats have no place in a hospital, especially one in which the majority of the patients are bed-ridden.”
Smith told the SUNDAY?SUN?that the union would explore the options available to it if the rodents were not eliminated from the compound that houses dozens of elderly patients. (MK)
Full story in today’s SUNDAY SUN.