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DEAR CHRISTINE – I’m on the brink of suicide

luigimarshall, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE – I’m on the brink of suicide

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PLEASE TELL ME how to cope with this problem before I do something drastic, like commit suicide. I am not perfect, for I have made many mistakes in my 35 years.
I try very hard not to make the same ones again. Christine, it hurts me so much to see how my friends treat me.
I do not have many of them but the few I have I am very devoted to. I love them as I love myself.
Whenever they call on me I am willing to do or to give and, Christine, since I got pregnant, all my friends dumped me, although the majority of them have children. Even my male friends are acting strange.
There is one special guy I care for very much.
The only thing I did not do for him was to go to bed with him because I already had a boyfriend.
Would you believe that this man does not even speak to me now? In the past, whenever he called, I found time to talk to him or go out for him and now when I call him he is always busy or his family tells me that he is not at home. The women tell me they do not have time.
I am so hurt because I feel so lonely. At times I need someone to talk to, even if only for two minutes.
Nobody comes or cares. There were times whenI used to be up all hours of the night. Now it is so different.
Please tell me what to do, for I cry every day, morning and night. I feel as though I amgoing out of my mind.
– L.S.
Dear L.S.,
You seem to be a very lonely person and I am sorry to hear about your loneliness.
As I read your letter you seem to have a deeper problem than just being given the cold shoulder by your so-called friends.
You appear to be suffering from depression.
Sadly, the attitude of your friends, who are still going about their own business, is not making it any easier for you.
It is not unusual during and after a pregnancy to be depressed. I would advise that you talk with your doctor.
Tell him about your feelings of despondency, how easily you cry; the fact that you may not be getting enough sleep and are easily upset.
Furthermore, you must tell him that you are having suicidal thoughts.  I am sure he will be able to help you. 
Sometimes we have to leave the people we see as friends behind us and make new friends. Some friends can only carry us a certain distance in our lives; after that distance, we have to seek out others who will carry us the remainder of the journey.
You have not mentioned anything about the father of your child. If you two are still together, share your pain and hurt with him and bear in mind that your child should be your first priority.
If possible, stop from calling the man you’re fond of. If you stop, he won’t be able to give you any more lame excuses which only add to your pain.
When you feel like talking to someone, and there are no friends and family members in whom you can confide, call The Samaritans at 429-9999.
They are wonderful people who help others through times of loneliness, despair and depression. Also take time to read the Psalms; there are wonderful prayers which would help you make it through this period in your life.
Also develop the habit of praying about what’s on my mind. This, too, will help you a great deal.
Many challenges in our lives come to make us strong. As a result, we become better equipped to help others who find themselves in similar situations. See your current circumstances as stepping stones to a new life.
Again, focus on your young child; he or she needs you more than you can ever imagine.
Cheer up! Soon you will realise that life can be so much better without those individuals who refuse to be there for you in your time of need.