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DEAR CHRISTINE – Worried about the family next door

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DEAR CHRISTINE – Worried about  the family  next door

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Dear Christine,
I need advice on a situation that is causing me some measure of concern. I am not trying to be “malicious”. I just want what is best for these children.
A family moved into my neighbourhood sometime  last year.  There is a mother, four children, a man who comes and goes, and a young man who sleeps over periodically.
My first concern is that the eldest daughter, who is still in school, is the one whose boyfriend sleeps over.
Can you imagine the mother of a 15-year-old schoolgirl allowing her to bring home a boyfriend who sleeps over?
It is true, Christine, that no one knows what goes on behind closed doors.
I cannot say they are sexually involved, but what would you think if a hard back man in his twenties is always sleeping over at a teenager’s house?
Added to this is the fact that one of the younger children is hardly ever in school. In fact, she has missed more than half a term away from school.
This breaks my heart, Christine. She actually stays home to help take care of the youngest child and to do chores around the house.
I have thought on a number of occasions about calling the Child Care Board, as both cases spell child abuse.
Do you think I am “malicious” or should I make that call?
It really hurts me to see these young children wasting their youth and messing around with their education.
– Concerned
Dear Concerned:
I am as concerned as you are and, yes, this is a form of child abuse.
I do not believe that you are being meddlesome at all.
The Child Care Board should be notified about what’s going on and every effort should be made to ensure that both girls are given proper guidance.
Clearly, they are not receiving any from their mother, whose boyfriend also sleeps over.
She is a bad example to her children. The saying is true that not every woman who bears a child is a mother.
Make that call as quickly as you can and let the authorities know that you are concerned. You may not have to give any information about yourself, and at least they would be aware of the situation and be in a better position to look into this matter.