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Paros leaving a mess

luigimarshall, [email protected]

Paros leaving a mess

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GENERAL?WORKERS?at the Cheapside Market are faced with a most undesirable task every Monday – cleaning up a huge mess left behind by paros who raid the garbage bins.
But yesterday the angry workers took a stand when they arrived at work to find the skip once again emptied of all the garbage and the waste scattered throughout the room, along with a huge pile of human faeces.
“We can’t take this anymore,” one employee told the DAILY?NATION, pointing out that paros had been rummaging through the garbage every weekend and leaving the unsanitary litter behind for them to clean.
“We don’t have any face masks and no health insurance, and we are the ones that have to clean up this filth,” said the disgusted worker.
A senior official said it was a serious problem and they were trying to deal with it.
He pointed out that about eight paros usually invaded the garbage room on weekends, searching through the refuse for discarded food and other items.
“We tried wetting the floor but they come with their cardboard and still take up space,” he stated.
He said the paros were able to enter the room because the roller on the motorized door was not working.
“We are going to replace that with two wrought iron gates which will be locked,” he stated. (MB)