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20 years down drain

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20 years down drain

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A BUSINESSMAN who has a reputation for being very obnoxious and rude has mashed the wrong corns this time around.
He has lost a very loyal customer who has been shopping at his multiple businesses for more than 20 years.
From what we understand, he barked at the customer one night when she was shopping and let her know that she was holding up the cashier. And before the poor woman could check out her items he closed the register, leaving her with a big trolley full of over $400 in items.
What sent shock waves through the woman was that it was only two minutes after nine in the evening and she had been shopping for about 20 minutes before the business closed its doors.
She wants the business owner to know that he should not have treated her in this way after she has been spending over $1 500 a month in his businesses for all of these years.
If he did the calculations he would realize that she has spent in excess of a million dollars with him over time.
His behaviour clearly demonstrates that some bosses believe that the NISE way of doing business only applies to their employees and not to them.
Hopefully he will learn – never bite off the hands that feed you.
Sweet potato stuffing
SWEET POTATOES not only taste great in pudding and souse, but it seems they are also an aphrodisiac.
Well, at least that is what a certain woman who wears dreadlocks and is known to a lot of men is saying.
Pudding & Souse understands that she has been promoting this idea with some of her male friends as part of their fun time together. However, things went terribly wrong when the person tasting the sweet potato got carried away.
That is why a certain person had to turn up at a medical facility with a wound in a delicate place.
The things people do, huh?
Womanizer on wheels
A FORMER?LOVER of a certain taxi driver from the heart of St Michael is saying it is about time he realizes that he is a grown man and stop womanizing and lusting after every woman that crosses his path.
The woman said she is glad she got out of the relationship because this man has no respect for the dark woman he is living with.
She told friends that the dark woman, who has two children, should stop being so honest to this disrespectful man and let him know that do for do is not obeah.
Feet of clay
For several years some poor residents who live in a certain district have been deprived of their land by a British man who moved into their neighbourhood behaving as if he was the kingpin.
He built his structure his way and seemed to be untouchable.
But as they say, “day does run ‘til night catch it”. It has now come to light that this big maguffy has not been paying his land taxes and now his structure could be taken from right under him.
The sun has certainly risen for the long-suffering residents.
. . . Last one to talk
A CERTAIN needleworker who lives near a bridge should stop criticizing other people and remember that before her bisexual boyfriend moved in with her she used to keep a dirty and untidy house.
Friends of the reformed light-fingered woman are also saying that she should get rid of her excess weight.