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Ganja tips

Maria Bradshaw

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VISITORS CAN?CLICK on a website for information on where they can buy marijuana and learn how to evade police arrest. lists Barbados among over 126 countries with?their marijuana prices, shopping locations and the legalization status of the countries.
The section on Barbados was written by a Canadian, who said he has lived in Barbados all his life.
He notes that weed is illegal here and if caught visitors could be fined around US$100 to US$200 “depending on the quantity”.
Under law enforcement he writes: “Generally they don’t trouble tourists, but if you’re stupid and do it in the open they will catch you . . . You’ll find more police on the south coast than anywhere else because most of the hotels are located there. If you do run into the police just be nice (they can be real nasty if you give attitude) 90 per cent of the time they have a relative or friend that does smoke. I?have heard you can bribe (and if doing so use ).”
He also writes about places where marijuana could be obtained, warning: “Don’t buy from The Gap on the south coast. You’ll get either three things (1) weed laced with coke (2)  weed that was smuggled (in body parts) and (3) generally poor weed.”
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