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Tejay Montague: lead singer of Strategy band

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Tejay Montague: lead singer of Strategy band

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How long have you been singing and how did you get into it?
I’ve been singing from the time I was five. The school and church I attended had music as a big part of their programme.
Alternative career choice if it wasn’t singing?
If I wasn’t singing, I’d still be in a creative field. I love interior decorating and photography.
Are you where you want to be in your music career?
I don’t think a person is ever where they want to be because you are always striving for more; consistent growth is healthy.
If you were to open for any big act, who would you like it to be and why?
Beyoncé! She really knows how to entertain and I can learn a lot from her!
Your wardrobe must be extensive. What is the most expensive item in there?
Ha! Ha! A lot of people think that but my wardrobe isn’t extensive, I just find a way to mix and match. A $600 Kipling bag is probably the most expensive item in my wardrobe! I love to buy clothes but I’m not the brand-name type. I keep things very reasonable. That Kipling bag was a moment of weakness!
How do you decide what to wear for a gig?
Deciding what to wear for a gig is a headache sometimes. I try to keep within the theme of the event. Sometimes I get great ideas and other times, not so good.
What do you listen to while getting ready to perform?
I listen to the songs that I’m preparing to perform or I tune in to Kirk Breezy on the radio.
How would you define your personal style?
Casually sexy and comfortable.
Where do you shop?
I mostly shop overseas but I do shop here when I see stuff I want.
What is the weirdest/most outrageous thing you have ever worn onstage?
Hmmm, this should be easy ’cause I know I have a few – but I think I deleted them from my memory. 
How does your day-to-day life factor into your wardrobe choices?
I’m always on the go and I have to go to various places/meetings, so I always choose something that is comfortable and casual and then I spice it up with heels and accessories, making sure I’m suitabe for the studio, bank, sponsorship neetings, supermarket all at the same time. I always walk with a pair of flat shoes as well.
Favourite accessories?
A pair of hoop earrings and sunglasses.
What do you always buy more of?
Bags, sunglasses and leggings (I can’t help it).
What one item do you wear often, and why?
Leggings, cause they are comfortable, flexible and sexy; easy to dress up or dress down.
How many pairs of shoes do you own?
Not enough!
Favourite scent?
Burberry London and Cucumber Melon (Bath & Body Works).
What is the one item you cannot live without?
It’s not an item, it’s a hairstyle – once my hair looks good, I feel fabulous!
Do you find that you follow fashion trends or do you play by your own rules?
I find I do a bit of both. I like to be current but with my own flavour.
Has your fashion sense changed over the years or has it remained the same?
Oh, it definitely has. Thank God!
Are there any colours that you tend to shy away from and if so, why?
No, I’m pretty daring with my colours.
As a child, were you always into clothes or did you grow into your own fashion sense?
I was a tomboy, I loved to rock my baggy pants and baby T’s with my hair in one. I grew into my fashion sense after joining the band Strategy.
Are there any designers you like to wear or whose clothing stands out with you?
Yes –  Pink Lemonade, Jukebox and most recently, Cassandra Mottley.
Won’t step on a plane without . . . My purse, my perfume, personal things.
As a singer, you travel; what is travel attire for you?
A loose vest, leggings and heels (not too high) that can easily slip on and off, and a nice hairstyle.
Routine for face and hair for performing?
I do my hair first and make-up last ’cause I don’t want it to melt away in the heat.
What kind of make-up do you use when you’re not working?
I wear just a little powder, eyeliner and coloured lipgloss; depends on my mood.
How do you take care of your skin?
Cocoa butter is my best friend. I don’t use any special products.
What is new and exciting with you?
I’ve been working with my personal trainer Jonathan Bishop. And the transformation has been very exciting for me. Along with that, I’ve written and recorded some songs that I’m really proud of.
Which of your achievements are you most proud of?
First, I am proud that I’ve been able to do what I love for six years [unlike] others who hate their job, and I’m still surviving. My debut album Summer Kisses sold thousands in Japan, a country I’ve never been to.
What have you changed in your life recently?
I’ve changed my attitude to be more positive and removed anything or anyone who is negative from around me! I also changed my fitness level.
Tejay Montague has been lead singer of the band Strategy since 2004.