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WHA REALLY GINE ON HEY? – Why do women horn?

Carol-Ann Tudor

WHA REALLY GINE ON HEY? – Why do women horn?

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PING!!! We all know that men love to horn, but the men have called for an investigation on the women. A recent conversation at a rumshop revealed that “women love to give horns too and dem does do it better!!” Is it true that women love to horn and can do it better than men? What really causes a woman to “pelt horns in a man”? Tell me Wha Really Gine On Hey?
Pammie Boo – I do not agree that women like to horn but I do agree that they can horn better than men. For one thing, a woman can horn a man and he will never know unless she is foolish, and believe me when she is going about she is very discreet and can be very secretive.
Man To Woman – Secretive and discreet are women’s middle names.
Latoya – I personally don’t think the average woman loves to horn, but I do think a woman can horn better than a man. That’s because a woman is usually more discreet and a better keeper of “self” secrets. Most men horn “just because”, whilst in most cases a woman who may be in a committed relationship cheats for a reason, which is usually due to some kind of problems within her current relationship. Blame it on emotions.
Wa Gine On Hey – Yes, let’s blame it on emotions, men like to blame it on those too.
Browning Fa Life – Cheating does not have a gender specific and I don’t think one does it better than the other. The best one is the one who doesn’t get caught. (Lol) I think if a woman cheats on a man it’s because she’s fed up – when someone else is filling a void that her significant other is not, she’s either getting back at him for cheating on her or she likes to share herself. Either way it’s wrong, if you’re in a committed relationship you shouldn’t be shopping around and sampling other guys.
Wa Gine On Hey – Shopping around and sampling??? Makes them sound like a shirt, a nice new pair of shoes or a piece of chocolate cake. I like all of those!!
Miss Forde – Women tend to step out when they are frustrated, when they feel “used and abused” for lack of a better term, because women tend to try at all cost to keep relationships together, but when they decide to “horn a man”, it’s usually after they have had enough!
Wa Gine On Hey – I agree with you there, it takes quite a while for a woman to get to that point but when they do, there’s no turning back, they get stronger and stronger and so that “goody two shoes” is thrown out the door.
Miss Grant – Men love to pick up scabbies because dem wrap up in pretty paper and try to turn them into housewives, but most of the time dem ain’t no housewife material, and will always be  rotten to the core. Women do horn better than men because they could be dealing with the man’s bestfriend and he would never know. When women are planning a flex, they plan their lies from early because they know their men and know the questions he will ask and the answers they will give. If they are including a friend they done call and make sure their stories are the same.. Women cheat for a number of things – a woman cheats either if she’s not getting enough satisfaction at home, if the man she has can provide financially but lousy in bed, she’s looking for excitement, she’s paying him back for a horn he put in her, or she’s just as I say a “scabbical”.
Wa Gine On Hey – Lol…You got this cheating thing downpact – I’m almost tempted to say you’re a cheater…
Sugar Diva – I don’t know if women “love” to horn but what I can say is that women are more organised than men and if we do something, we make sure all bases are covered and not be sloppy and carefree like some men. A woman would horn for various reasons – not that all of them make sense but they horn for lack of attention, affection, material things, better sex and even money.
Wa Gine On Hey – We don’t do sloppy and carefree… guaranteed all the bases are covered – somebody say something about “lunch hours”?
Aliboo – I don’t fully agree. Yes, we can horn better because we are smarter but I wouldn’t say we love to horn our men. Most women tend to want a fully committed relationship but are forced to cheat after her other half doesn’t pay her the attention he should or as a form of revenge.
Wa Gine On Hey – A woman seeking revenge is one of the worst things ever because she usually ends up doing it with one of his friends who has been giving her the eye for the longest time to make him hurt as much as possible. But she ends up getting the dirty end of the stick because they will make her lose her respect. 
Rasta Browning  – I don’t think women love to horn men. They might be better at doing it though, because they know what to look for when infidelity is occurring. A woman may horn a man if she is lacking in his attention in the relationship…i.e. not enough time spent together doing things (whether it be a quiet time home, out partying, out dining, or just love making). A man might think that all a woman wants is sex… but that isn’t all. She might need someone to talk to; someone to just cuddle with; someone to lend a shoulder when she needs it.
Wa Gine On Hey – Awwww.. Yes women need all those things.. It’s sad some men just don’t realize the simple things that make women happy.
Oily Cathy – Some men just don’t appreciate the women they have. You would have a man that you live in a house with. As the madam of the house you will make sure that everything is in place for your man when he comes in from work. Food done cook, clothes clean, clean house and make sure the bed sheets are clean and smelling all nice. But it seems that men pay more attention to their friends on the outside. Especially if the friends they keep are not getting that special treatment like him, they will encourage him to be out late.
So the woman now gets all lonely and will have a man friend who is there for her and eventually the two become involved and that is where it all begins. A woman would horn her man and he would never know because everything stays the same. But if a man horns you, you will know. He changes a lot and he starts to have an attitude for nothing and it starts from there.
If a man does the correct things for his woman he would never get horn. I don’t horn, I prefer to break off the relationship because it makes no sense trying to patch up old tires all the time.
Wa Gine On Hey – Lonely women and (nice) men lurking around are the perfect combination for a good horn, too bad men haven’t realized that yet.
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