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Scared of old church falling

Carlos Atwell

Scared of old church falling

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Roy St Louis is living in constant fear of the sky falling on his head.
Except it is not so much sky but the crumbling ruin of a derelict building a few feet away from his home.
St Louis lives in Sobers Lane, The City, close  to a building once known as the Youth Town Boys’ Club.
He told the DAILY?NATION Sunday it was also once a Methodist Church as well as both the old Wesley Hall Boys’ and Girls’ schools  on separate occasions.
Now, it is an eyesore and a hazard, not only to him, but also to passers-by.
“During [Tropical Storm] Tomas, the roof  [of the derelict structure] blew off. Now I’m afraid that [the whole thing] will fall on my home if bad weather were to strike again,” he said.
St Louis said chunks of fallen coral stone had already damaged his home, pointing to a large dent in his roof and a side door which  he said was a replacement for one destroyed by falling debris.
“I have been getting the runaround between [Member of Parliament] Patrick Todd and the Department of Emergency Management, each . . . referred me to the other and I don’t know how to contact the Constituency Council. This has been going on for more than a year,” he said.
St Louis said he only wanted someone to pay attention to his plight before it was too late.
Methodist Church superintendent Reverend Cuthbert Edwards said the issue of ownership of that building was before the court and suggested St Louis write to them and they would pass it on to their lawyers.