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Stink alley

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Stink alley

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Unsightly, nauseating, especially in Bridgetown, recently designated an international heritage site.
“The garbage has been there for weeks now and it is very disgusting. It is foolishness,” one passerby commented yesterday, echoing the sentiments of many who have to walk past the ugly, smelly heap in an alley off busy Fairchild Street, The City.
Glyne Alleyne, a fire officer at the nearby Probyn Street station, said: “The garbage is a harbouring ground for rodents. They come and feast on the food out there and tend to linger.”
He said the alley, which connects Fairchild Street to Jordan’s Lane, was also used as a bathroom.
“I have seen people with my own eyes emptying their bowels over there,” Alleyne said.
Here, the mound of garbage that keeps growing. (DB)
(Picture by Sandy Pitt.)