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AS BAJAN AS FLYING FISH – Soots yuhself!

B.C. Pires

AS BAJAN AS FLYING FISH – Soots yuhself!

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My name is Chamara Burke and I’m a sales clerk at a DVD store.
My name is pronounced Sha-mara. But spelled Cha-mara.
I’m from St Michael. Close to the Garrison Savannah.
I come from a small family: three brothers, but I just live with one. It’s just me and my mum and my brother. We get along fine. Sometimes we have our quarrels and stuff, but it just brings us closer. I get along okay with my dad.
I don’t really have a faith. I find people are too religious in Barbados. My mum is a Christian. She reads the Bible every day and all of that. But it’s still my decision if I want to be a Christian or not.
Some of the churches are very hypocritical. When I go to a church, I want to see them preaching something they actually believe in and live up to. Not just reading words out a book.
I do believe in an afterlife. I believe in both Heaven and hell. If I had to die today or tomorrow, I’m not sure I’d go to Heaven.
I went to Foundation School. I got along very well with my teachers. I still talk to them on Facebook.
At the time I was going to school, I couldn’t wait to done school. I finished last year. But now I look back at it, I think I should have enjoyed it more. Because work life is much harder than school life.
I have a tattoo on my hand. It was like a group thing when I was going to school. All of us got the first letter in our name and then a little star or something. It was a little group, not a gang.
If I get another tattoo, I’ll put it in a place not easily seen. Private tattoos.
I don’t really party. Honestly. I might hang out with friends. Maybe go to the movies – but, since I work in a video store, I might just rent a movie and stay at home.
I don’t have any children. I do want a family, though. No more than two kids. I would love to be married. I think a good age for a girl to get married is mid- to late 20s, early 30s.
A man is different. Men like to do their own thing, don’t like to be tied down early. So I would say early 40s for a man.
Better to sow wild oats younger than older.
People tell me I’m very pretty but I honestly don’t feel that way about myself. I feel a lot more could be done with me. I don’t know why.
It could make you vain, if people keep telling you: “You pretty. You beautiful, you sexy.” It could make you want to make additions to yourself, to make you more noticeable. I am a little vain. Just a little. I take time with my appearance.
I don’t go clubbing. It’s very expensive. You could spend your money better. Or, even better, save. I learned that the very hard way. I spent money wild.
It’s so annoying, these Bajan men soosting at you. It would be better if they just said: “Hello, how are you?” You have a better chance of having a conversation with me, than just sootsing.
I just ignore it.
Then you get the cussing. Because they feel you should look back. They’s feel a way. And curse and carry on. I don’t get it.
Life is hard in Barbados now. Things are very expensive. Honestly, I’m glad I have a job.
I could buy a little toiletries and stuff.
I like to read. Zane. Eric Jerome Dickey.
I get to see just about any movie I want.
I select movies based on actors, really.
I appreciate all movies, but I don’t like movies that have in poor acting. I favour Nicholas Cage, but he’s not a favourite actor.
Every time someone uses a word I don’t know the meaning of, I check up the meaning in my dictionary the moment I get home.
I go to the beach occasionally. I can’t swim! I tried. But it didn’t work out. That whole thing about “Try to relax!”, I just can’t get that do.
How I came up, things was pretty tough. Some kids have their computer, everything their parents buy. I wasn’t like that.
How I came up, you had to do without.
If I didn’t get that little extra push from teachers, ’cause they could see I was one of the students whose parents didn’t have the money, I probably wouldn’t have passed for Foundation. When people see you need a little help, they will help you.
There is someone in my life, but I’m not sure he’s a boyfriend. He’s pretty young, around my age, and guys that age want to go out with their friends, be partying, driving ’bout.
I would prefer someone older at this stage of my life. Somebody more mature than I am.
The age thing doesn’t matter; it’s what you have in your head that counts.
I eat a lot, but I don’t cook! It’s either KFC or Chefette. Three or four times a week!
I deal with customers. Some come to rent, some to purchase. I have to have an idea of the movies. You have to give them a summary of the movie and that will determine whether they want to purchase it or rent it.
Nowadays, customers are really into TV series.
I work five days a week. The off days alternate.
The best thing about the job is interacting with customers. You learn things. And stuff. Of course, you have issues in any job. But I’d rather not touch on any bad side.
A Bajan is known for minding other people’s business. If something happen in St Michael, next five to ten minutes, it’ll already be in St Lucy!
If I’m out somewhere and the Anthem comes on, I will stand at attention. But I’m honestly not that patriotic.
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