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Cops say crime on the drop

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Cops say crime on the drop

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POLICE HAVE REPORTED that despite a few incidents of robberies and theft along the South Coast there had been an overall drop in crime.
Assistant Commissioner Seymour Cumberbatch said overall crime figures at the end of June showed a 5.4 per cent decrease when compared to the corresponding period last year.
He noted that crime against persons had fallen by 5.1 per cent and property crime had also dropped by 6.5 per cent.
“We are however concerned about crimes of theft from the person around The City and its suburbs which include along Hastings,” he told the WEEKEND NATION yesterday.
Cumberbatch noted that bandits were particularly snatching cellphones and jewellery.
The crime chief however said a special investigations unit had met some success recently when a number of people were arrested and charged with robberies in the southern areas.
“However, we are persisting with our investigations to eradicate these problems,” he added.
According to him, crime in the southern division at the end of last month crime had been reduced  14.6 per cent and the northern division had shown a decline of ten per cent. (TS)