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FLYING FISH & COU COU – The tendering stops here

luigimarshall, [email protected]

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IT IS TRULY a case of it ain’t over ’til the proverbial fat lady sings at a certain organization.
Cou Cou understands that the legitimate tendering process is not over until the tenders go to a certain person for the politically correct allocation to be done.
That’s why during this summer you may not hear the sweetest sound.
Family affair
IS THERE A family affair going on at a certain ministry and the departments and corporations attached to it?
If not, it is very coincidental that there are a lot of people from districts in the same parish employed in these places.
And it is even more coincidental that these people only got a pick since 2008.
Cou Cou was told if the Government wanted to start to attack the deficit they need only to look at that ministry and trim some jobs there.
But then again, given the star quality of the minister involved, it is doubtful any one would dare touch him.
Damage control
A CERTAIN GROUP is anxious about its name being associated with a former colleague.
The person was among them and was considered a leading light until he abruptly quit their number and tried to keep a low profile.
However, now that he is in the limelight, and not in the most flattering way, the group is wondering how his unfortunate situation may affect them.
At a loss
COU COU was told a funny story that we are still trying to understand. The person asked us when everybody says they want something, but nobody really wants it, what do they do in this quandary?
We did not know the answer, so the person explained.
He said this was the predicament of certain people. They had to do what they said they would or lose face.
That is where the spin doctors came in.
The group was advised to do the very thing nobody wants but say they want, but do it in such a way that when it is presented it is just not good enough to be taken seriously.
What happens, the person asked Cou Cou?
We still did not follow him.
So he said, when everybody sees what is placed before them, then nobody is keen on taking up the offer they didn’t want anyway. And so, what no one wanted, they don’t get anyway.
By the time he was finished Cou Cou was totally coufuffled, and we didn’t bother to try to figure his riddle out.
Still no deputy
A DEPUTY is not essential it seems.
Either that, or a particular man does not believe having anyone close and prefers to keep everyone wishing, hoping and guessing.
Word is that though the individual has given a certain person the chance to act for him, he has not given any other indication whether he thinks that person, or any other for that matter, would soon get the big money and big ride that goes along with that pick.
But as is often said, time is longer than twine, and the individual, who is intent on getting it continues to make the right noises.
Maybe the man will look favourably upon this noisy person again, but one never knows with him as he likes keeping his cards close to his chest.