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Noise level concerns aired

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Noise level concerns aired

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THINGS are only going to get LOUD-ER.
President of the Society for a Quieter Barbados, Carl Moore, believes that the noise from Kensington Oval affecting residents in the area will only get worse.
“People are not going to get any peace and quiet anytime soon. There is a full two weeks to go in Crop Over and after that Rihanna will come and she will be louder than ever,” Moore said.
He was responding to an article in last week’s SATURDAY SUN, which highlighted the concerns of residents in Pickwick Gap and surrounding districts over the constant loud noise from the Oval, which holds various fetes during the Crop Over festival.
Furthermore, Moore said with the way things were going a lot of Barbadians were going to be hearing impaired by the time they reached the prime of their lives.
He appealed to the organizers and Kensington Oval Management Inc. (KOMI) to have consideration for the residents and not play the music so loudly.
“The noise levels need not be so high,” Moore said. “I feel for Maureen Tudor, who has to leave her house and seek comfort elsewhere.”
He added that if there were no improvement the residents should take legal action.
“People are going to have to take legal action against the ones making them uncomfortable in their own homes.”
Moore identified a particular change in Barbados which he felt was affecting people’s behaviour.
“This country is becoming very First World and we don’t care about each other anymore. You don’t treat people like that. Barbadians have to live in harmony with each other,” he said. (DB)