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Bushy Park folk all for Soca Royale

Lisa King

Bushy Park folk all for Soca Royale

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Some Bushy Park residents don’t mind the Soca Royale competition being held in the middle of their hometown – in fact, they wish it could be held there every year.
When the DAILY NATION team visited the area yesterday, a crew was busy taking down the stalls, stages and other facilities  erected for the competition, but most residents agreed: “We have no problem with it.”
Alan Forde, who lives directly opposite the main entrance said that despite the tremendous number of people that came into the district there were no major problems. “Judging by the amount of cars and buses that were coming up here dropping off people it was obvious that this year had a much better turnout, but still we had no traffic problems,” he said.
Forde called the event a success and said that he would not mind having the big competition there every year, “I like it up here because I would not have to go too far to get to one of the major event in the Crop Over calendar.”
At Sylvia Variety, shopkeeper Sylvia Alleyne said: “I am all for it.”
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