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Baje ‘back on track’

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

Baje ‘back on track’

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Popular band Baje International was one of the first bands ordered off the streets by police yesterday.
Superintendent Lybron Sobers cited unorganized behaviour by the revellers and gave repeated orders to “get behind the truck and line up”. He eventually directed the music truck towards the Globe Cinema, to the surprise of nearly 1 200 revellers.
In no time at all Eastmond Corner became a mass of confusion and colour as revellers jammed the intersection, determined not to be led off-route and to have their jump-up day.
After several discussions with the superintendent, one of Baje’s directors, Richard Haynes, was given the go-ahead for the truck to be allowed back onto the route. It returned, and the thousands were quickly ordered to “head out”.
All other bands coming down quickly heeded the call to line up and be orderly for fear of being redirected.