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‘Crazy’ on Black Rock

Yvette Best

‘Crazy’ on Black Rock

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The “Crazy People” were out in their numbers for Grand Kadooment yesterday.
Whether it was the fact that Spring Garden was in sight, or if it was for the benefit of the patients at the Psychiatric Hospital, high-spirited revellers enjoyed themselves to the max on the stretch spanning Deacons, Psychiatric Hospital, Brighton Corner and on to Spring Garden.
Indeed, revellers found the bars around the facility just the right things to follow Alison Hinds instructors, and the bars were used to Brace And Wine.
The patients were not to be left out, and they too showed that they could “guh down”, come up, turn round and wukup.
Their temporary place of residence did not affect their knowledge of exactly what time of year it was.
From the looks of things they were very much programmed to wine and do anything else the revellers chipping on the pavement with bottoms in the road were up to.
Uniformity, full costumes and sobriety had long gone as revellers pushed back and wined, jacked up their bumpers, split in the middle of the road, and whatever came to mind as they made their last wines before the trek from Warrens to Spring Garden would culminate.
Those who had run out of energy or just needed to take a little breather, were atop the trucks watching their fellow revellers do their thing and the hundreds of onlookers lining the roads as they passed by.
The rain, which had threatened to put a damper on yesterday’s jump-up, was enough to keep revellers cool along the route.
Hairstyles were no longer intact, the brilliantly-coloured feathers were soaked and body paint was not as vivid, but revellers were bent on having a Good Time.
No one person had an advantage in terms of possible Tune-Of-The-Crop picks when the music trucks turned onto Brighton.