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Rihanna laps it up

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

Rihanna laps it up

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Barbadian singing superstar Rihanna literally revelled in the rain yesterday as the curtain came down on Grand Kadooment.
All eyes were on the 1 200-strong Baje Internationale band as expectation was high that Rihanna would be jumping with the band.
Photographers poised, with cameras wrapped in plastic to protect their equipment from the rain, waited for her to make the crossing at the judges’ station outside the National Stadium. She never did.
However, she connected with one of the band’s music trucks a few hundred metres just off her alma mater Combermere.
From there on, Rihanna captivated the spectators with her dance routines, flag-waving and throwing of kisses at her fans, much to their delight.
She did some of the latest dance crazes, the “6:30” and all.
Soon after the truck passed the Bank Hall traffic lights, Rihanna got off for a few minutes to wine and jam among the people.
And while many shouted and greeted the 23-year-old who is set to perform at her first local concert at Kensington Oval on Friday, she was not mobbed. Most used the opportunity to pull out digital cameras and cellphones to snap a shot or two . . . and then they moved on.
Rihanna got back on board before reaching Eagle Hall as the band headed to Spring Garden. (JS)