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Copper thieves strike City building

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Copper thieves strike City building

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RODNEY?NURSE’S electrical renovations to one of his buildings at the corner of Reed and Suttle Streets, The City, has been short-circuited by copper thieves.
And he now has to look for almost $3 000 to replace 50 metres of copper and to provide the labour to do such.
“You can’t attach the wire back, so you have to replace it. Everything went through the roof so I have to take it off. The cable was going down to the meter base. It has set me back,” Nurse said.
Describing the act as “bold”, Nurse said he discovered the wire was missing as he passed the area about 7:30 p.m. last Saturday.
The thieves also “struck gold” once before at two of his properties along the same Suttle Street.
Copper theft raised its head to worrying levels in Barbados recently with local companies like LIME, the Barbados Light and Power and Williams Industries suffering from heists resulting in the loss of thousands of dollars. (JS)