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Councils in Crop Over

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Councils in Crop Over

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WHILE commending a controversy-free Crop Over, Minister of Culture Stephen Lashley wants more community involvement in it via the Constituency Councils and more input by the private sector.
According to Lashley, who described this season as “one of the most impactful and successful festivals ever”, a way must be found to get communities island-wide to make their contribution to the festival – and in his view, the Constituency Councils are the best way to achieve this.
“I would like the Constituency Councils involved in Crop Over in this regard, so communities can do things which uniquely reflect their character . . . where communities can have events within themselves and where creativity in mas and other areas would come through,” he stated.
Noting also that several communities had lamented the reduction of the cavalcades from 11 to four, the minister said this was a small example of the need for the private sector to increase sponsorship. (RJ)
Full story in today’s DAILY NATION.