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DiDi ‘flags down’ top prize

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DiDi ‘flags down’ top prize

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DiDi Winston, from Gwyneth Squires’ Island Of Treasures 2011 Grand Kadooment band, grabbed the Winston Jordan Award and $840 for Best Flag Person when the National Cultural Foundation released the results of the Crop Over masquerade on Tuesday.
Making the most spectacular and impressive use of the flag while leading the charge of Squires’ gems – Emerald Seas, Silver Sands, Golden Groves, Diamond Valleys, Crystal Springs, Shimmering Shores and Glitter Bays, Didi scored the highest points based on the criteria for presentation.
This was done through impactful stage presentation, execution, technique and management of movement, and crowd response.
A multiple winner in this category since 1994, Winston said: “I feel fabulous about the win. I must thank Gwyneth and the entire bandhouse posse, particularly Jennifer Sealy, who put me forward to be flag person.
“A lot of people think it’s easy, but there’s a whole lot more to ‘flagging’ than gyrating and wukking up.”
Placing second was Justin Poleon from the band Don’t Panic, which was led by Quincy Jones, followed by Shawntelle Marshall from Lyndon Clarke’s band And The Gods Came.
Second prize attracted a cash prize of $525 and third, $315. (MH)