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EDITORIAL: Rejoicing ever in our freedom

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

EDITORIAL: Rejoicing ever in our freedom

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The LOUD concert at Kensington Oval tonight brings down the curtain on the Crop Over and Emancipation, fittingly putting the icing on the cake to what has been one of the more talked about seasons in recent times.
Apart from one or two unsavoury incidents, the revelling appears to have gone on without major disruption, and in reflecting on the celebrations, we can say we have indeed made significant progress as a country since Emancipation.
In this respect, cutting the final ties with our former colonial masters and assuming total control of our destiny is also a part of these celebrations, for today we chart our own future in a system of governance that recognizes the full worth of every citizen, and in which none of our citizens is any longer denied by law, the right to fullest protection of the law under our Constitution.   
The Independence celebrations, which will be observed in another four months, are therefore part of the process of emancipation; and many are those of our citizens who have contributed by the sweat of their brows and the exertion of their minds and intellects to bring us to this point where we can celebrate our progress responsibly.
But we have to make every effort to protect our gains both at the social and economic levels. The ugly and antisocial aspects of a subculture that has begun to besmirch our reputation is cause for grave concern – if our celebrations shall not be meaningless.
The ever watchful and instant electronic media allow us to reflect on developments in the Middle East, as well as in the United States. Hosni Mubarak who began this year as a major political leader lies on a hospital bed in an iron cage accused in an Egyptian court of crimes against the state.
At the same time the American political system put itself through near-death convulsions to raise the level of Government borrowing; but our Parliament was able to accomplish the same process in a single day’s debate.
We can freely change our leaders in an orderly and acceptable way; and we do not shackle their political initiatives in the way some other political systems do.
We shall therefore revel at Crop Over and rejoice in Emancipation, always thoughtful of the fact these events are only part of the rich heritage of freedom that is now ours. All things considered, we really have much to celebrate.