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Garment blow

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Garment blow

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PARENTS?who were getting their children’s school uniforms made at Hooper Garment Co. Ltd. in Pelican Industrial Park, St Michael, are in a panic because for the past two weeks the business has been closed.
The garment factory makes uniforms for several primary and secondary schools.
One of the upset parents, Sylvesteen Rock, told the SATURDAY SUN that she and several others turned up at the factory last week to collect their uniforms but found the door padlocked and bolted. There was no notice as to when the company would reopen, she reported.
“When I?got there some guys next door shouted and told me, ‘Miss, don’t go no further – up there shut down.’ This is about three weeks that the staff turn up and found locks on the door. (MB)
Full story in today’s SATURDAY SUN.