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MAVIS BECKLES – Stop de criminals!

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MAVIS BECKLES – Stop de criminals!

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I ain’t care what nuhbody tell me. I ain’t care what a soul say or how duh feel.
We got tuh bring back the cat-o-nine tails and the hanging gotta start back ’bout here tuh let the criminal-minded know dat duh cahn go around doing wrong things and not paying fuh it.
You know why I say so? Things in Barbados getting outta hand, wid some people getting on and doing as duh like, howevah duh like, whenevah duh like, wherevah duh like and tuh whoevah duh like.
All kinds o’ lawlessness happening ’bout here and it look like the people who creating and causing the trouble just breezing while the victims seeing a fair amount o’ hell. Now dat is not good enough. Dah cahn work!
You mean tuh tell me dat
I cahn even sit down in my own li’l house and relax wid my window or door open tuh catch li’l breeze pon these hot days and nights wid-out somebody coming off the road and sneaking into my place tuh bother me and mek me uncomfortable?
You mean tuh tell me dat
I cahn go into a store tuh shop wid-out wondering if some wicked brute gine come in there tuh rob the place, then do some kinda foolishness and I could lose my life just so?
You mean tuh tell me dat
I could be buying some chicken at a chicken depot like the one there in Bank Hall and somebody could have the guts tuh walk in there in broad daylight, try tuh rob the place, then set it pon fire and gone long ’bout dem business just so wid-out summuch as a care ’bout the people inside?
A few years back a man was in he verandah relaxing and somebody walked off the street and shoot and kill the man just so. And the other day I was reading the case wid dem men who went in Dr Haynes house while he and his wife was relaxing and beat and rob the people just so. Thank God dem two people, who ain’t do a soul nutten, ain’t lost duh lives.
And now look wha’ could happen there in Charles Rowe Bridge the other night. Look, this is too hurtful, though. Innocent people losing duh lives just so at the hands of heartless people who ain’t intend tuh drive a honest stroke fuh a boy but want tuh live better than the ones who spend duh lives working hard so dat the evening of their years would be fairly comfortable.
I have been hearing people saying how we country, this sweet Barbados, going down the drain and dat we gine soon be like Trinidad and Jamaica where crime is concerned.
But I doan believe dat and I gine tell ya now: dat ain’t gine happen ’cause nuh kinda crook ain’t gine run this town.
This sort o’ thing gotta stop; it gotta get nip in the bud.
The criminals like dem out tuh mek this country something like the wild, wild West and dem is a law unto demselves, but, in the name o’ Jesus, duh lie.
This Government got tuh step up tuh the plate and put measures in place tuh nip this kind o’ activity and behaviour in the bud before it gets any worse. This Government got tuh stop playing games wid criminal-minded people who, if ya give dem a chance, would run the place into the ground.
We Government got tuh realize and remember dat this is a tourist island and the slightest bit o’ fear the tourists feel, duh gone long from ’bout here fast as France and gine spread the word ’bout Barbados too.
Another thing: you see how these people gine ’bout the place just doing as duh like tuh innocent people. I pray dat it stop soon because I gine tell you: it is only a matter of time dat we stan’ and hear ’bout vigilante groups forming tuh avenge family members whose lives criminals destroyed.
I read what the Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite said in Thursday Nation. He was appealing tuh the parents tuh check out duh children and the kinda gear duh wearing, especially the ones who doan guh tuh nuhbody work when the days come.
He talked about the false licence plates, the cash fuh gold trade, and he appealed tuh the public tuh give the police their fullest support in helping tuh eradicate crime.
And I gine appeal tuh evahbody muhself: if wunna see anything at all, nuh matter how insignificant you might think it is, tell the police.
It could be me or you or any o’ we family, dem ain’t care, as long as dem get some kinda money or cash. Dat is why we want these people – who think dat duh could kill off people just so and guh long ’bout duh business – off the streets so dat we could claim back we peaceful, happy, friendly Barbados.
Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.