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DEAR CHRISTINE – Hubby’s ex bad-talking me

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DEAR CHRISTINE – Hubby’s ex bad-talking me

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Dear Christine,
How are you? I hope you are in good health.
Christine, I am wondering why there are some “big, little girls” who seem to be happy telling lies and gossiping. There is this woman in her 50s doing just that about me.
Why? It’s because I married the man she once had. I am not bragging about it, but he is a good man.
When she had him, she did not want him around. She stabbed him, threw hot water on him, carried men in the house and even called the police to get him out of the house. He eventually turned to heavy drinking.
Christine, she did not care for him.
I did not know of them before I met him. We became friends long after they broke up. He is now happy with me and she has no one; the men have all gone and her children as well.
My husband always talks about the bad things she did to him. He no longer drinks and he attends church.
She is telling people that don’t even know anything about her, bad things about me and my husband, but Christine I am happy with Jesus.
– Happily Married
Dear Happily Married,
I am also happy that your marriage is in tip-top shape and all is going well for you and your husband.
Gossip and slander are everyday “jobs” for some people, and the best way to get over her is to ignore her completely. To pay back a gossiper by gossiping does no one any good.
You said you did not know of them as a couple before you met him, but judging from your letter, you have quite a lot of knowledge about their relationship. Let’s just hope it’s all true, as some could well be lies.
In any case, I’m also happy that your husband has made a change in his lifestyle and is walking the straight and narrow road, but I would suggest that you ask him not to keep discussing all the “bad things she did to him”, with you or anyone else.
He should leave the past completely behind him, and look forward to sharing many more years of happiness with you.

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