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‘Keep killers behind bars’

Gercine Carter

‘Keep killers behind bars’

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Murderers in Barbados who are sentenced to life imprisonment should not be allowed to return to society.
Reacting to reports of a recent spate of violent crime in Barbados Tuesday, general secretary of the Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU), Sir Roy Trotman, took issue with the current judicial system whereby a life sentence imposed could mean the convict returning to society and committing further crime after completing the sentence.
Reacting to reports of a recent spate of violent crime in Barbados, Sir Roy said: “If we are taking a position that the death penalty should not be enforced, then I think that there has to be a position where life sentence means life sentence. It means that you do not come out to be a threat to the society again, ever, under any circumstances.
“When we still have a community in which people, however heinous the crime, are able to be back out on the streets and to carry on where they left off, then we do have, especially in small communities like ours, a major matter to battle with,” Sir Roy said.
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