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More giving in hard times

Marlon Madden

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At least one volunteer organization has reported that Barbadians have been showing more interest in donating their time, talent and monies despite the ongoing recession.
President of the St Michael Lions Club, Pearl Bradshaw, told the WEEKEND NATION that during the recession she found more people willing to give to the organization and she believed it was because they wanted to enhance the society.
“Generally, what we are finding in the community at this point is that in spite of the current economic crisis, people tend to be more willing to give to charity . . . . It is not as much as they would give [before the recession] but the base is wider. People are more susceptible to what is happening and so there are many who are willing to change it and to give,” she explained.
Bradshaw said a lot of effort was not required from the organization to garner the support from the Barbadian public. She said she believed it was “because they figure that by supporting us, they support the community and then there is a spiralling effect”.
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