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Summer fun at Miami Beach

Carlos Atwell

Summer fun at Miami Beach

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The long summer is coming to a close, so children and their parents are looking to squeeze every ounce of fun they can out of the time they have left.
One popular way is a day at the beach, and one beach in particular is known for its calm, clear waters and a large area of shade.
Yesterday the WEEKEND NATION stopped by Enterprise Beach, popularly known as Miami Beach, to see what activity was going on there. The waters were dotted with children and adults frolicking with toys or just splashing around.
There were also people who preferred to watch the fun rather than participate and those who found fun away from the water, engaging in activities such as dominoes and even bingo.
The Straughn/Bayne family were also on the beach as part of their triennial family reunion celebrations. Jackie Melville said Miami Beach was their favourite one and they came here every reunion, describing Barbados as “awesome”, “beautiful” and “lovely”.
The family came in from the United States and England to meet up with their Barbadian counterparts and participate in a range of activities before they go their separate ways – but beach time was one of the best.
Also on the beach was Romel Cumberbatch, who said he was there with his daughter and niece.
“We came all the way from St Lucy to be here. It’s just a day to spend with family now that camps and vacation are winding down. Plus, you don’t have to be rich to do it,” he said.
A check with lifeguard Jason Nurse revealed summer time was a “hectic” one for lifeguards. Fortunately, he said his rescue services had not been needed thus far.
“Real people come to the beach at summer, but no one has been getting into any real difficulties. Most people stick to the calm side,” he said, adding the beach was full of mostly locals at this time.