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PUDDING & SOUSE – Not maid to order

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PUDDING & SOUSE – Not maid to order

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WHO else can you trust if you can’t trust your maid?
A certain politician must be asking that question after his maid walked in on him and a good-looking dreadlocked man in a very close embrace in his bedroom.
From what we understand the politician gave the poor maid her walking papers wrapped in a big fat cheque and told her “this should keep you for a while”.
If it was supposed to be hush money, it certainly didn’t work because the maid has been telling everybody what she saw.
Hold those wedding bells
Wedding bells may be ringing but will the bride and groom walk down the aisle?
This is what everyone is waiting to see since it appears that the bride has been having a lot of drama in her life.
First of all, her female lover, who is supposed to be paying for the wedding, might not be able to foot the bill after all since she has run into some recent problems and has to look after her own financial troubles.
To make matters worse the bride does not even have a gown or a ring because she maxed out the credit card that was supposed to be used to order the items from overseas. And, if that was not enough, she had a major falling out with one of her bridesmaids, who dropped out of the bridal party. Now she is threatening to sue her for the dress which she claims she paid for.
That was only the beginning of her troubles. From all reports, the reception, which was supposed to be held in St George, has also been called off because – as you may have guessed – there is no money to pay for it. Wonder how the bride will announce this to the 200 invited guests since the reception venue is already printed on the invitations.
The bride has also recently found out that the groom has an outside woman, whom he takes by his mother whenever he wants to spend time with her – now that should take the cake!
For sure, friends of both the bride and the groom are taking bets on whether the bride will be left at the altar like her sister was last year.
Words for the minister
Employees in a certain Government department are hitting back after being scolded publicly by their minister.
They want Pudding & Souse to find out why when workers are injured on the job they have to pay their medical bills out of their own pockets.
Their bosses have obviously been telling them that they are all insured comprehensively, but when they check with the insurance company they are being told that no money has been paid on their behalf. What a shame!
The workers also want to know who is going to reimburse them their hard-earned money and why the minister does not investigate this, instead of humiliating them in public.
Bacchanal time
It was cat piss and pepper when a certain organization held elections.
Things got off to a pretty good start, but the cheerful mood changed when some members started asking some hard-hitting questions. People started getting loud and some even got up and left as tempers flared and the whole place was in an uproar.
Some even went outside in the hall, where the bacchanal continued, with accusations, blames and insults, even embroiling those who were desperately trying to make peace.
The elections were eventually called off, but at the end of the long night many were shocked to see that a group of people who are perceived as the most helpless in society boldly stood up for their rights despite their disabilities.