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You came, saw and conquered

luigimarshall, [email protected]

You came, saw and conquered

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Well, boy, from all the reports I got, my girl Rihanna had a very successful show and I see that the Bajans, even the haters, turned out dressed tuh kill and in their numbers to let her see dat dem love their hometown girl.
My dear, inasmuch as I woulda like tuh be there tuh see and experience all the hype, the high technology, the high drama and the type o’ production ya doan get tuh see ’bout here, I couldn’t go.
First of all, I had a previous engagement and, secondly, I ain’t had dat kinda money tuh spend pon nutten other than bills at this time, hear?
But I gine tell wunna something: I am really happy dat everything come off good. I am even more happy dat the show sold out long before the actual day of the performance.
Another thing is this: I was super glad dat Rihanna was in fine form. As my children and others who went tuh the show tell me, she gave her Bajan fans all they came tuh see, get and more.
I hear somebody talking ’bout how dem believe dat a lot o’ Christians was there, and I had tuh leh dem know in no uncertain terms dat Rihanna is a Bajan; she is one o’ we, sinner or saint. She from ’bout here just out there by the cemetery in Westbury Road. I had tuh remind dem dat she giving 100 per cent tuh what she is doing and what she believe in; I had tuh tell dem I wish dat a lot more o’ we so-called Christians, instead o’ knocking Rihanna, should take a leaf outta her book and give duh all tuh what duh believe in too – the kingdom of light.
I does pray for Rihanna all the time dat she won’t go too far over the edge; dat even though she ain’t got nuh children, she would come tuh realize dat, like um or lump um, she is a role model and duh got a whole lot o’ li’l Bajan girls idolizing her. I does pray dat the people she has around her would not only be there tuh travel all ’bout the place and receive a fat salary, but tuh help tuh keep her grounded.
I know dat despite all the lot o’ junk dat some o’ we does talk, it would break we hearts if our daughter of this soil were tuh start tuh go the way of Amy Winehouse. Dat is why we have tuh do what we have tuh do: keep her in our prayers all the time.
Stepping away from home, though, wha’ really happening up in England? Dem young people up in there doing as duh like and bunning down the people place. It look like it started wid one man who duh say the police shoot and all of a sudden all hell brek loose all over England.
All kind o’ places dat ain’t had one iotha tuh do wid dat incident, or nutten else like it, start tuh see young people brekking in the people places, setting dem pon fire and carrying way the people merchandise.
Then I see all sorts o’ people picking up things and pelting at the police like in Egypt and up in dem kind o’ places so. Last night I was watching three people wid duh hoods pull ovah duh heads, ripping off the metal gates of something dat look like a business.
You could imagine dem li’l wretches totally destroyed and burn flat a family business dat was in operation fuh a 160 or more years. You could imagine dat?
And you could imagine dat a reporter was asking some o’ the rebels why duh doing what duh doing and one gine allow the woman tuh know dat evahbody doing it.
Then I hear another one say dat dem got tuh show the police dat dem could do as dem like; and last night a young lady was walking alongside a fella who was carrying a box in he hand, hustling gine long, and she was asking him ’bout the situation and would you believe the man tell her dat he gine do it till he get caught? Well I nevah!
Huh! I hope the rebels ’bout here doan think dat dem gine watch all o’ the lot o’ fighting, looting, bunning down pon TV and get bewitch and think dat duh could come and do um ’bout here; I tell ya, duh lie ’cause I know duh got a lot o’ Bajans who wuk hard as France fuh the li’l bit duh got and duh ain’t gine tek it lying down.
Not dem – duh ain’t gine leh it guh long just so. I is one o’ dem.
Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.