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Grave concern

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Grave concern

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SOME?SOIL TECHNICIANS?are offended that attempts have been made to prevent them from subcontracting the digging of graves at Westbury Cemetery to outsiders.
The SUNDAY?SUN understands that Superintendent of Cemeteries Ricky Cummins is trying to stamp out this practice, but he is meeting resistance not only from the soil technicians but from management at the Sanitation Service Authority (SSA)?and the National?Union of Public Workers (NUPW).
It is understood the gravediggers are sometimes paid in excess of $1 000 to dig a grave. It appears that some of the soil technicians pay outside people $60 to dig graves.
Last Friday, they went on strike protesting, among other things, the move to prevent them from subcontracting the digging of graves. They returned to work yesterday and are scheduled to meet with officials at the NUPW on Thursday to discuss the matter. (MB)
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