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DEAR CHRISTINE – Suffering at the hands of my daughter

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DEAR CHRISTINE – Suffering at the hands of my daughter

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Dear Christine,
Greetingsto you and I wish you all the best.
Let me share my story with you. I am 62 years old and have worked from the time I was about 16 years – up until two years ago.
I am the mother of two children whom I looked after from the time they were born until they reached adulthood.
Christine, I never knew that people could treat you so badly until now that I am not working. Even my daughter, with whom I still live, curses me and treats me like a dog.
I would love to find a little job ever so slight, just so I am able to buy the necessary things I need.
Right now I am feeling so depressed and down I can’t even sleep at night nor eat properly. I am thinking suicide.
Christine, right now I do not even have two dollars to pay bus fare. It is a horrible experience to have to beg and I have only one true friend whom I cannot continue to beg all the time.
Please, Christine, is there any way in which you can help me? I would be forever grateful.
– In Need
Dear In Need,
It is indeed sad when your own flesh and blood treats you like a dog, especially after you have given your money, time and love to them.
For some time now I have been receiving letters from women of all ages who say they are contemplating suicide. I will tell you exactly what I have told them: suicide is never an option to solving life’s problems.
You create more problems for yourself as you are sending your soul straight to hell and hurting friends and relatives.
Give Jesus a chance. If you have never tried Him, I recommend Him to you. I will also ask one of the ministries which offer counselling and prayer to pray for you.
Help is on the way, as I can provide some assistance. I will be calling on you shortly.