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TALK BACK – Readers get tough on crime

Carol Martindale

TALK BACK – Readers get tough on crime

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CRIME CONTINUES to be the focus of our online readers.
Last week this social scourge was on the mind of many who not only vented but called on Prime Minister Freundel Stuart to speak out.
Some also gave suggestions on how Barbados could be reclaimed from the criminals.
When the story broke last Monday that two police officers were shot while patrolling Navy Gardens in Christ Church, readers were furious, especially since those who are paid to protect society were themselves being harmed by bold-faced bandits.
Many warned that this criminal activity could affect Barbados’ reputation as a tourist destination.
Following are some of the comments made by our online readers:
Sharon Woolley: “The more I read, the more likely I will change my holiday destination – along with many more tourists. Prime Minister, get your act together and fast . . . . The people of Barbados need him to show he is worthy of this position; if not he should step down. Barbados is a beautiful island that I along with thousands of others adore. Sadly, it seems it’s beginning to get like Jamaica.
The courts must give tougher sentences to not only the criminals but also those that know who commit murders and shootings. Stop protecting the guilty!”
Joshua King: “This Government of ours needs to invest more into our police force. They should make sure that every field officer is adequately equipped with a bulletproof vest to be worn once they are on duty and that each field officer is to carry a firearm. The Government wastes too much money on low-income housing and nothing goes to our police force.”
Child Nice: “The lawmakers need to get serious and tough. The magistrates and judges need to stop and look at the sentences they give. I recommend the maximum penalty every time. We have to find a deterrent.”
Glenda Martin: “What is the world coming to? It is happening everywhere. Please, not Barbados.
I felt safe there and want to keep going back. Hope the officers have a speedy recovery.”
Readers were also incensed when they read of the reported rape of a St John woman at gunpoint at noon last week.
Here are some of their comments:
Antheia Springer-Williams: “Criminals trying their best to make law-abiding citizens tremble in their houses. Now apart from robberies and cold-blooded murders, rape has come into the story.”
Cherylann Bourne-Hayes: “The law needs to come down hard and send a strong message. Citizens should be more vigilant in reporting suspect behaviour and feel safe doing so.”
Cheryl Dyall: “Barbadians need to stop minding their own business and start minding everyone’s business. It’s called neighbourhood watch.”
Carol Martindale is the Nation’s Online Editor. Email [email protected]