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Thieves hit gas station again

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Thieves hit gas station again

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FOR THE SECOND TIME in as many weeks the Bank Hall Shell gas station has been hit by thieves.
This time around, the incident took place after closing hours; so there was no money available to steal.
Manager Livingstone Carter said it appeared the thief took only cigarettes and alcohol before fleeing the scene.
“I got a call just after 5 a.m. saying the glass was broken. When I got here the police were already here as the station is monitored by Star Security and they would have called the police,” he said.
Carter, who is also the president of the Petroleum Dealers Association, said he had already made an appeal to the public against this sort of behaviour as there was no profit in it since any money made was deposited by closing time.
He said that as a result of this latest incident, security surveillance would be enhanced. (CA)
Here, the broken glass of the gas station.