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Big buzz in Parliament Yard

Gercine Carter

Big buzz in Parliament Yard

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Supporters bearing a large red banner with the inscription “Owen we all love and need you”  vociferously greeted Opposition Leader Owen Arthur outside the gates of Parliament this afternoon, when he arrived to deliver his response to the 2011-2012 Financial Statement and Budgetary Proposals.
It was an appreciatively large gathering in contrast to yesterday’s meagre assembly, and there was no mistaking the loyalties among the group, as uproar after uproar went up  for Opposition Party members as they arrived.
No sooner had the SUV  driven by Arthur’s wife Julie come into view, than there was a frenzied scramble by several women, some wearing red T-shirts with the words “Bees Ready” emblazoned across the front, to the vehicle to hug and kiss the Opposition Leader.