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DEAR CHRISTINE: Boyfriend pushing for sex, but I am not ready

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: Boyfriend pushing for sex, but I am not ready

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Dear Christine,
I am 15 years old and have been going out with a boy for four months. He is not a boy really, but a man of 26 years, and he plans to get engaged, and then married in a year’s time.
My trouble is that he wants to have sex now, but I don’t want to. I am afraid of pregnancy, of what my parents would say if they suspected, and the trouble we could get into before the wedding, even though he says that he knows what protection to take.
I love him very much, and he loves me too, and it’s making him angry when I get upset over his demands.
– ?
Dear ?,
You are way too young to be thinking about sex at this time, and no one should force you into becoming sexually active. Flee fornication!
In other words, you should practise abstaining from sex until you are married and not allow anyone to use you as a sample stick. Fifteen is much too young for a marriage, and moreso for an affair, especially when you have some moral principles.
I am sure you won’t want to make your parents unhappy if you let him have his way.
One other very important thing is that you can’t always rely on promised “protection.”
If he loves you, he will wait. If he does not, then let him go.