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DEAR CHRISTINE: Struggling to keep children safe

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: Struggling to keep children safe

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Dear Christine,
Why is life so unfair? I fight so hard to get back my children because I love them. Where I am living, I have to leave because my time is up. I have no place to go with my three children.
Do you know what it is like to see big rats coming into your house that you pay rent for every week and most of all on the children’s bed? You know what hurts me? I told the landlord about it and he cursed me so stink and told me that he had no rats.
He raised the rent money to $150. When I asked him to fix the house, he gave me notice. I have no one and I am fighting this battle on my own. The only family I have is my children.
I wish to tell you what I am going through but it would take up all your paper. I need help. I want a place to put my children. I do not want them to get sick. Thank you for hearing me out.
 – Frustrated Mum
Dear Frustrated Mum,
 You did not leave a contact number or address for me to reach you. However, in light of what you’ve said, I suggest that you call or visit the National Housing Corporation and share your situation with them. Personnel there may be able to find a place for you and your children. You can also contact the Welfare Department, and, if possible, speak with your parliamentary representative to see what assistance can be given.