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Good Budget for some

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

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Some Barbadians have given Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler the thumbs up for Tuesday’s Budget presentation.
When we asked our online readers for their feedback this is what some of our Facebook readers had to say:
Sharon Winfield: “The Budget gets a thumbs up from me. Charity begins at home and abroad. Barbadians, know that you are well looked after and blessed!”
Antoinette Newsam-Taylor: “Well said. Well done, he has done it again. We have no doubts or fears. “Well done, Chris.”
Dev Bruce: “It was clearly an election Budget, but at the same time they (Government) were responsible by not rolling back the previous Budget, so thumbs up.”
Leyland Sealy: “It was a good Budget. Rolling the wicket for our next election from now.”
Patrick Porter: “Good Budget, the best that could be done under the circumstances . . . .”
Matthew Clarke: “I think the Budget was good, and I applaud the push for cultural enterprise, airplay of local artistes and the construction of a cultural centre. Also the decrease in land tax is great. The focus on sports tourism with the Barbados rally and the exemption from [value added tax] and duty on certain products such as computer parts, etc. is also helpful for a small business person such as myself. Considering the global economic climate, the Budget was good.
Conchita Moseley: “Mr Minister, thank you for the reduction in the tax. That is great news for Bim people home and abroad. I personally hope that it is a good percentage off. Hopefully, when the new tax bill comes through my letter box in November I won’t be so annoyed. I asked and it was given.”
Some readers, however, stated their disappointment.
Reader Dmnc Dvs said: “I’m still waiting for the real Budget. The Budget really didn’t do anything to ease life for the average Barbadian. There was plenty fluff and no substance.”
Makini Callender: “So why not reduce the tax reverse credit to $500 and allow school-age children to pay bus fare between the hours of 6:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m.?”
Natalia Walcott: “Now, I did not hear everything, but did he say anything about increasing the number of items that are non-VAT, or was food a non-issue for him?” (CM)