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‘Let’s hear about CLICO’

Heather-Lynn Evanson

‘Let’s hear about CLICO’

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Opposition leader Owen Arthur has taken Minister of Finance Christopher Sinckler to task for his silence on the “CLICO matter”.
Speaking as he led off debate on the 2011 Budgetary Proposals in the House of Assembly yesterday, Arthur called for “a very clear and certain position” regarding “the resolution of the CLICO matter”.
“There is a very serious defect,” said Arthur, “that 2012 is the date of reckoning for CLICO and a Minister of Finance can make a presentation to Parliament where the Prime Minister has already given a commitment, where the previous Prime Minister has already given a commitment, where the Central Bank governor has given a commitment, where there is a possible $300 million matter that has to be addressed, next year, and not a word had been spoken about the contingency arrangement the Government is putting in place to ensure that those persons who are potentially in peril can have the risks and uncertainty pertaining to their existence [mitigated].”
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