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Ex-cops give back books

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Ex-cops give back books

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THE ALEXANDRA SCHOOL now has thousands of copies of educational literature thanks to the Ex-Barbados Police Association of New York.
However, principal Jeff Broomes said the school did not intend to keep them all.
In a telephone interview this week, Broomes said: “What pleases me is that they are so extensive that they will help in our outreach programmes, so we can share them with primary and even nursery schools.”
Broomes thanked Michael “Smokey” Roett, a member of the association, for the gift, which he said was completely free of charge.
He said some of the books were from the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project, which initially sought to upgrade mathematics education in elementary and secondary schools throughout the United States.
It was a curriculum designed for students from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade (secondary school), emphasizing reading, problem-solving, everyday applications, and the use of calculators, computers, and other technologies. (CA)