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Greenland not a go

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Greenland not a go

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GOVERNMENT will definitely not be going to Greenland, St Andrew, to set up a landfill.
According to Minister of the Environment Denis Lowe, Barbados is in the process of transitioning from the landfill system to one of waste-to-energy, while the former administration had spent millions of dollars to move to Greenland but to this day, not one piece of landfill had gone there.
“The technical people have determined that it will cost this Government $100 million before one plastic bag can go down to Greenland, and [secondly] they continue to register in their geo-technical studies a continuous movement of the soil which makes it absolutely dangerous to store landfill at that site,” said Lowe.
During debate on the Budget yesterday evening, he added that plans were in place for the construction of a $400 million waste-to-energy plant and a leachate plant, and emphasied “we will close Mount Stinkeroo . . . . This Government will not go to Greenland to carry an ounce of garbage there, that’s the official policy of this Government”.
He also reminded the Chamber that even the St Andrew MP, now in Opposition, had once described putting a landfill at Greenland as “environmental madness”. (RJ)