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PM: Party of fault finders

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PM: Party of fault finders

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WRONG! Wrong! Wrong! is how Government’s every move is seen by the Opposition, says Prime Minister Freundel Stuart.
Calling it “the keys upon which the doleful melody of politics is played out by the Barbados Labour Party”, Stuart said not only was Government castigated whether or not it imposed taxes, but even a recent incident of a child breaking a finger at one of the summer camps seemed to be enough for the Opposition to damn all the camps in Barbados.
Stuart added that the fault finding had extended to Central Bank Governor Dr DeLisle Worrell, who was an economist with a first-class honours degree and had the full confidence of the Government.
The Prime Minister added that politics was being treated like a spectator sport, which was a little depressing, but stressed “we’re into politics for problem solving” and a high standard was necessary for Parliament where the stakes were for the people’s good. (RJ)
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