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FLYING FISH & COU COU – Running out of room

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He might have been riding high when a previous bossman was calling the shots, but under the current management structure things don’t look too rosy for this individual.
Word on the ground is that with his contract now up for grabs, the man at the helm might not reconsider him for the urban pick.
What makes matter worse is that this bossman has a personal interest in making sure some of his people reap some of the rewards from this institution, since it would play a great role in determining if he safeguards his own backyard when the bell rings.
Some are saying that this individual might have to take a back seat if he returns to his old job since his credibility would not be the same because of certain action he took as soon as he assumed the current job.
Cash under the carpet
Money is missing but it is felt the woes of the institution might not make it to the public domain because of its affiliation with certain big flyers.
Somebody said an individual who is under suspicion for the money’s disappearance is being protected by the head of that institution who has a reputation for keeping things close to the chest. Apparently the person is also a big flyer and has a penchant for expensive crystal.
But you never know, since a management meeting might cause things to reach the surface.
The Midas touch
NO matter how you try, you can’t keep this name from getting among the big bucks.
Despite his best friend not being around anymore, the man has a way of manoeuvring himself into the cash corner. This time his spouse is at the front of the deal and word is that the group she is affiliated with raked in several thousands of dollars from a big event.
A source said it would take a cock and not a hen to bring this situation into the public domain.
Jumping Joe
HE CONSIDERS?HIMSELF the brightest man of his time on this rock. He knows statistics, mathematics, graphs and charts and likes being in august chambers. He is also considered a grasshopper..
He was once marked by a man who was rather smart and smitten by a woman whose surname he does not like.
This Jumping Joe, also known for being thin-skinned, could find himself in a new controversy very soon. The one who leads him has decided he should be given another chance to seek the public’s favour. This time it’s in the north. But the man who now carries the sway favours another cut of his cloth, while Georgey Porgey says a man of figures should be the one.
Things are going to unfold very soon.
Surprise announcement
If ever a man put his foot in his mouth, such was the case recently near the Bridgetown Port.
A man who is not afraid of the microphone let loose some words that jumped one and all in earshot. He made known his admiration for the boss lady and how he had given her his unstinting support.  Many mouths opened and there was wonder about his plan which he revealed a few weeks ago,. Some said it can now be put into context, and then, standing on the steps, easily thrown into the river.