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MAVIS BECKLES – Peter gine pay . . .

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MAVIS BECKLES – Peter gine pay . . .

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Ya’all remember last week I was talking ’bout the many young people – men and women – who was mashing up and looting the people place up there in England?
And you could remember the lot o’ junk dat some o’ dem was saying bout how the police cahn do dem nutten or the jailhouses too full and a whole lot o’ igrants?
Well the joke is pon all o’ dem now. You could imagine dat dem must be suh zonked out dat dem ain’t know or realize dat duh does got cameras all ovah England?
Look, I ain’t live up there, nevah lived there in muh life I just visit but I know dat because o’ the lot  o’ bombing dat duh had up in there ovah the years, the British government doan take nuh kinda chances nuh more.
I see dem mischievous wretches pon my TV the other night getting haul off tuh the very prison dat dem say ain’t got nuh room; and all o’ duh now  trying tuh hide duh face.
Duh ain’t realize dat the cameras was pon dem while dem was doing as duh like and burning down places belonging to people who work hard as France tuh build up a business and people who ain’t do dem one damn thing. Well, I gine tell ya, Peter gine pay fuh Paul now.
Wha’ the same thing gine happen ’bout here  too. You see how these fellows walking ’bout shooting and killing off innocent people just so wid-out conscience and thinking nutten ain’t gine happen tuh dem ‘cause nuhbody aint gine catch dem?
Even the very police who out and about when the night come, risking duh lives tuh protect people like me, dem shooting at.
Doan worry. Time longer than twine, and it is only a matter o’ time before all o’ duh get lost way in jail or duh kill off one another.
But ya know something, though? Although we seeing all o’ this lot o’ gunplay ’bout here, dat got some people frighten as France, you know duh still got some people who still playing dem defending these criminals and talking against hanging?
Not only dat. These criminals does got the biggest, most powerful guns you could think ’bout, sometimes more powerful than the very police and duh does shoot tuh kill but the police ain’t suppose tuh do dat according tuh some people.
I read an article in the papers the other day from a man who was saying dat the police should use tasers. Tasers? He got tuh be kidding me, though. He got tuh be joking.
As far as I know, ya does have tuh get up real close tuh a person fuh a taser tuh affect dem. It is a shock, and by the time you get close tuh dem duh might done got you stab or shoot.
I think he was talking ’bout the mental outpatient who the police shot and killed but, look, if the police doan protect duh selves, who gine protect dem?
Wha’ dem aint make outta tin-ning nor board and the big able bullets from the high-powered guns dat these criminals does got nowadays does rip through anything.
Ya see me? I ain’t feeling fuh nuhbody who does shoot at nuh police, who does beat up nuh police or who does even curse the police. 
Police is human just like anybody else; duh got feelings just like anybody. Duh is somebody son, somebody husband, somebody wife, somebody father, mother, niece, nephew, uncle, aunt, cousin and or friend and as I said before, while you and me in we warm beds when the nights come, dem does be out in all kinds o’ holes risking duh lives so dat we could have a peaceful night’s rest.
That is why I would die and say dat the police is one set o’ people who should be working in a proper environment and getting proper pay when the month come.
Evahbody does want police protection, even the very criminals when it suit dem. Dat is why we have tuh back up the police and cooperate wid dem in order tuh get rid o’ this criminal element dat intend tuh destroy this place or give it a bad reputation.
This is a God-fearing country, and we have tuh support the police no matter what, in order tuh keep it so.
That is why this Government have tuh stop dragging its feet, cut the lotta long talk and, I pray, make some drastic decisions. 
The courts got tuh stop spoon-feeding, baby talking and pampering these young men – and in recent times – women who come before dem time and time again when they only give dem a li’l slap pon the wrist and send dem back out pon the streets tuh do worse than before.
We know dat the majority o’ young people are good and decent, but this lot o’ crime making all the young people look bad and ya doan want Peter tuh pay fuh Paul – dat would be sad.
Mavis Beckles was born and raised in the Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.